Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One year of you

Birthdays are how folks usually acknowledge their time on earth but today feels like an extra special day that should be celebrated too because one year ago today my Mr. O began. My sweet baby boy has existed for exactly one year and I have been his mom for exactly one year (it would be another 11 days before I knew he was in there). All babies are amazing little miracles but it just blows my mind that in that instant of egg meeting sperm my boy was created and so much of who he is and will become started in that moment. There won't be presents and cake but I can't imagine not marking this day in some way each year. Tonight his bedtime story was all about how he came to be. I'm still struggling with what language to use (donor, sperm, man in a can, nice person who helped make you...) but I know that with practice it will get easier and I'll find the words that will work for us.


Heather said...

Aww! I've been thinking about the same thing, but our anniversary is on June 12th. I vividly remember that day, and if I only knew how much joy and love was in store for me (and her)... Wow. Gives me chills. Happy anniversary!!

Tiara said...

Happy Anniversary to you & O...I love that you plan to acknowledge's one way I think we're luckier than most women who conceive traditionally, we know the exact moment it happens.

Dora said...

It is a special day. Since my girl was frozen, I called of the anniversary of the transfer her "Thawversary."