Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sigh... it never ends or rather it never begins

Results are back and guess who has a high thyroid level? Yup, that would be me. I'm waiting for the nurse to call back and schedule more blood work. I haven't even begun to figure out what this might mean but I'm pretty sure it will mean more delays.

Guess who is not immune to Rube.lla? Me again.
I just tried to get the vaccine shot from my primary and as expected it's becoming a hassle. The nurse didn't want to take my word for it and insists on having the tests faxed over to them. The kicker is that the RE and my primary are in the same building and share the same lab. The nurse wanted to repeat the bloodwork until I pointed out that fact so she's settling for the faxed results. I'm hoping that I can get the shot in the next day or two because if I do then I might not have to sit out next cycle too.

I'm just feeling so defeated and frustrated today. I feel like the Universe is seriously f#$%ing with me.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


My date with the wand wasn't that bad. Aunt Flo must have been napping because the horror show that I was dreading ended up being a no show. The u/s tech was nice enough but not too proactive with the info sharing. She didn't even give me a peak at the screen. I did manage to get her to tell me that I righty wasn't in the expected place a hard to see. She could only see 3 follicles. Lefty was more co-operative and she counted 7 on that side. I'm not loving those numbers but Dr. didn't send me over the edge so it's all good. I do still reserve the right to panic at a later date.

I spoke to the financial folks at the clinic and they hadn't checked my insurance yet so it took asking the same question 15 different ways to find out that an out of pocket IUI without monitoring would cost me $450. Is the extra $200 worth not having to worry about Mic? I'm leaning towards yes. Mic is an expensive date and I just don't want to risk the bad sitcom scenario that is begging to happen. I'll see how I feel about what the RE has to say on 12/23 before deciding.

I do have a new potential delay that I've been obsessing over. I had blood drawn and one of the things they are looking for is immunity to aka Meas.les. I forget and just remembered that when I started this doctor carnival 2 years ago I was supposed to get a shot but didn't want to do it and then have to put off TTC for 3 months. I got all distracted with the whole fibroid fiasco and forgot all about it. I'm going to be so annoyed if I have to get that darn shot and wait another 3 months. The new guideline is a 28 day wait but I'm not sure which timeline my RE uses. I also am feeling like I don't want the shot. There are very few cases of these days and the chance of me coming in to contact with it while pregnant are very slim. Hell, I'm feeling that my chances of getting pregnant are even slimmer. I know that if I don't get the shot and then by some fluke I end up pregnant and exposed to in the first 20 weeks I'll regret not doing it since it can cause all kinds of problems. Sigh, it's just always something. If I was doing this without medical assistance I wouldn't even know that I should get tested for half of this stuff until that positive pee stick was confirmed.

I was just really hoping that the waiting was over and that I could finally get moving this cycle. I wanted a shot at ending 2008 knocked up.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When I count on the wait no such luck

I called the RE yesterday to make an appt as a back up to using a midwife since I figured it would take weeks and weeks to get in. I didn't want to find myself in need of getting more aggressive and then having to waste more time. I was also planning on asking if I could get some blood work out of the way while waiting for the appt. Surprise of surprises my RE is able to see me in 2 weeks. I also have my CD3 blood work and ultrasound tomorrow. Yikes! I'm going to get the diagnostic stuff done and then talk to the financial person at the clinic before deciding if I should go with the RE vs. the midwife. I was kind of iffy on the midwife because she isn't affiliated with a doctor and she works out of her home. Working with her will mean that I'll have to deal with all of the delivery, storage and return details of man in a can (Mic). The RE has more experience, delivery and storage of Mic will go smoother and the location is more convenient. I'll have to see just how much more those positives will be running me.

I'm hating the ultrasound part because CD3 is the messiest and just ewww. I know they deal with it all the time but yuck. I hope the u/s tech is a woman because I think I'll have to decline if it's a dude. I decided long ago after my first male gyn experience that it just wasn't for me.

My cycles are still messed up and recovering from the lup.ron and surgery but my best guess is that I'll be ovulating on or close to the 25th. I might be out of luck this month because of the holiday and that would be a bummer.