Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Accepting that you're done

Today was our first really warm day since last summer.  How is summer already right around the corner?  Summertime will bring T's first birthday!  I'm not ready for that.  His baby days are slipping away and while it's really exciting to watch him grow and tackle new milestones it's also kind of sad knowing that he's most likely my last baby.  I say most likely because my heart isn't ready to say that I'm 100% sure that my family is complete. I'm closing the baby door but I'm not locking it.  If I was younger I think a third could happen.  If I meet someone in the next few years maybe there could be another little one.  If I win the lottery there absolutely would be more children.  I let my heart hold on to those "ifs" but as T is outgrowing things they are leaving my house.  Tiny clothes and baby gear is not being put away for another baby.