Tuesday, July 29, 2008

4 weeks and I'm feeling fine

I was so nervous the morning of my surgery. I got to pre-op and was so thankful to see that one of the nurses was the mom of an old friend. I lost touch with my friend over the years and wasn't able to reconnect because she never turned up in any online searches. Chatting with Nurse Mom was a wonderful distraction and helped to ease some of the anxiety. Once in the room with the big lights and masked faces I only had a minute or so of panic before I was out cold. That stuff works fast! The recovery room was quite the trippy experience. I remember being aware of Nurse Mom telling me that everything went great and that she had already called my friend to let her know that she found me. The next thing I remember is another very nice nurse telling me that she read my chart and that she waited until her late 30's to have children too and that it was the best thing she ever did. She also talked about how this surgery and recovery can be my practice run for when I get back there to have my baby. I wish I remembered her name so I could thank her for being so nice and taking that extra time to talk to me.

The hospital stay was miserable! My roommate was a horrible woman who moaned, complained, kept the light on all night, turned on her TV at all hours, rang for the nurses every 20 or so minutes and had a visitor who kept asking the nurses to bring him drinks and didn't stop talking. I had to ask the nurses to kick him out when the shift changed at 11. Overnight was torture because that woman never stopped whining and calling the nurses. I had the bed near the door and every time they came in the room they would pause at the door to collect themselves before dealing with her. I felt so bad for the staff because she was a huge pain in the butt! I didn't sleep more than a few minutes at a time.

The next morning they wanted me to use the bathroom and thankfully the nurse went in there first because she discovered that the roomies guest had crapped all over the toilet. Who does that!? When housekeeping came it took her 20 minutes to clean it up and all kinds of mopping was involved. So gross!

They had wanted me to stay another night but I told the doctor that there was no way I was spending another night and that I was going home to get some peace and quiet.

My mom was a huge help that first week. She even slept on an air mattress on my floor for a few nights in case I needed anything during the night.

The pain has been very manageable. The only time I thought it was too much was when they moved me to the bed in my room right after surgery, the first time I had to get up (good god that hurt!) and the first night I was home when the gas pain combined with meds on an empty stomach made me vomit. My mom is also a hero for that because she was standing in front of me when I got sick and she didn't even flinch when it got all over her. Twice. Hmmm, I think I should send her some flowers because that was so above and beyond.

My incision has healed nicely and I never had to deal with ooze or changing gauze. They used glue instead of stitches or staples. Glue! I had no idea! Love the glue!

I saw my doctor about a week after surgery and she told me that everything went well. The fibriod was larger than she thought and that it had pulled my ute and tubes all out of place. She said that my ovaries were pulled way up and that what was most likely causing the blockage. Everything is back where it belongs so I should be good to go. I still have to schedule a follow up HSG to see if the tubes are really now clear but that will have to wait until I see my doc again at the end of August.

I think the Lupron is wearing off because I saw some cervical mucus last week and my skin is not as clear (damn you estrogen!). I'm hoping my cycles get moving soon so I can start charting and get the trying starting in Sept/Oct.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


I'll post more details later when I'm not so loopy from meds.

I'm home and recovery is going better than I expected. The time between magic sleepy pain relieving pills is getting longer and getting up and about is getting easier. I might even try real clothes tomorrow - with out cartoon monkeys or sassy little ms. something or other faces.
The only complaint I have is the lack of #2. Yes, that #2. Lots of effort is getting a minimal return. I'll never take that particular movement for granted again!