Thursday, May 24, 2012

Life with a toddler

I've been working on getting Mr. O to clean up his toys and put them away before moving on to the next play thing.  He's not in agreement with this crazy idea of mine.

We are currently on day 3 of the Block Incident.  He was playing with blocks the other day and then wanted to move on to puzzles.  I told him that he could have the puzzles after he put the blocks away.  He told me that he didn't want to put the blocks away and asked a few more times for the puzzles.  I just kept telling him that he could have them once the blocks were put away.  We've done the same back and forth now for 3 days.  The blocks are still all over the floor and he hasn't gotten to play with puzzles.  He totally gets what is going on but he's waiting it out to see if I'll crack first.  I almost did tonight after he fell asleep but I'm kind of amused and curious to see how long it will be until he cracks.

and I just realized that I got the colors mixed up in my last post.  Mr. O knows the correct color (or object) he just wants you to agree with him so he can correct you.

Dr. appt with new OB tomorrow and they will be doing an ultrasound to check on baby brother's growth.  Can't wait to get another peek at the little guy.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

24 Weeks

Wow, already 24 weeks.  This time around things seems to be going along much quicker.
I had planned on blogging more because I wish that I had done so the first time but so far it hasn't happened.  Just like last time I'm still dealing with lots of nausea and vomiting.  It's so not pleasant.

I'm going on the hospital tour tomorrow and it seems crazy that I'm already checking those kinds of things off of my list.  I have lots that I want to get done before the baby arrives and 3ish months seems like forever and too fast all at the same time. 

Mr. O is growing and amazing me every day.  The stuff that comes out of his mouth lately is hilarious.  He's even started telling jokes.  He'll point to something like a red car and declare it blue.  I'll tell him that it's red but he'll insist that it's blue.  I'll give in after a few attempts and say "you're right, it's blue" then the little comedian will giggle and say "No mama, it's RED". 

Oh and yes, baby is going to be another boy!  I'm sad that I won't be able to stock up on cute dresses and hair bows but a baby brother is a wonderful thing.