Thursday, March 11, 2010


Baby O gets his middle J name from his grandfather and great grandfather and his A name from another great grandfather. I really wanted his names to be connected to family. I was updating my online family tree earlier tonight and discovered that O also shares his first name with a 5 greats back grandfather.
I put his name on an image to try and keep us unsearchable. I'm still trying to decide on his blog name so for now I'll stick with O.
2 weeks in and I'm still all blissed out just looking at him... even last night when he woke up every 45 - 90 minutes!
Tomorrow brings another wave of visiting family. My dad and sister will be staying for 10 days getting to know the little guy. I'm half way through the birth story and hope to have that up soon.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One week...

One week without needing a single
One week without vomiting.

One week with my sweet baby boy!

Baby arrived last Wednesday morning and is just a (sweet) dream come true. It could be the major hormones crashing around in my body but everytime I look at him I get all teary eyed goofy because he is just so perfect and wonderful. I apologize that this is a drive-by update but I wanted to get at least this out there to all of you while I have 5 minutes to myself. My mom is here helping out for a few weeks while I recover from the c-section and it's been tough to sneak away and update the secret blog. I really do have a longer one with details and a photo in the works.... and Mom just wandered by wondering who I'm emailing.