Tuesday, June 8, 2010

mmmm, pie

A few weeks ago I celebrated the last birthday of my 30's.
My birthday weekend was low key and wonderful. Saturday was spent doing some outlet shopping in Maine, O getting his first look at the ocean and eating chocolate chip cookie dough pie(me not O). I make the drive up to this particular diner every year for my birthday just for the pie... and yes it is every bit as delicious as it looks (I blogged about this pie last year and probably said the same thing)!

On my actual birthday it was the sweetest thing to just wake up and see my baby smiling at me. Every year for quite a few years now I've wished for a baby while blowing out my birthday candles this year with O on my lap I couldn't think of a thing to wish for in that moment. (Not sure if I'll leave this photo up but for now here I am just before blowing out the candle)

May was a pretty busy month that started and ended with trips that required flying. I'll write more about that later but tomorrow I have a special post coming to celebrate a first anniversary/birthday of sorts. In fact I have a few posts brewing and some even written in draft form so there just might be a posting frenzy over here in the coming days - that is of course if baby gifts me with a nap or two that last longer than 15 minutes.


Jess said...

Happy late birthday! You and O look adorable and so happy together!

Heather said...

What an awesome picture of you two!! Jess is right, you look so happy together, and you just "fit" so perfectly. Happy belated birthday!

Tiara said...

Happy belated...I love the pic of you & O, thanks for sharing!

I remember reading about that cookie dough pie & it sounds just delicious!!