Friday, June 25, 2010

Bloggy thoughts

I've been thinking about the blog lately and trying to decide what I want to say in this space. I currently have 3 or 4 posts sitting unpublished in the draft folder because I've gotten stuck on what is my story to tell and what parts belong to Mr. O. I thought about starting a new blog that would be all about the day to day with baby and keep this space to talk about non baby but still SMC type things. Then I realized how crazy that would be because I barely have time for one blog never mind keeping two updated and on topic.

Then today I had a light bulb moment....

The problem isn't who the story parts belong to it's the fact that more open I am about the day to day stuff the greater the risk that my barely secret identity would unravel. I want to be more open but I don't want my family tripping over the internet on their way to and finding my blog. I don't talk about them much over here but I decided to look over older posts and edit out any parts that would cause a family drama fest and then get on with the posting.

In other news Mr. O is 4 months old as of yesterday! How does that happen?!


Navigating The Rapids said...

I had a real tough time with blogging after I had L. I think she deserves her privacy even if I have to blab all my drama on my blog. As for my family, well, since I now realize I owe them nothing, the drama which includes them is part of my story so that's getting told. Mind you, I may change my mind when I am a little less angry. I like being anonymous, so I sure hope I don't give too much away as well.

Tiara said...

Whatever you decide to write about, I'll enjoy reading about it!