Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Another ring around the tree

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

The celebration of me started the same way it does every year - My Mom calls at my exact time of birth to wish me a happy birthday. When I was in school she would either call the school, have something delivered or stop by at that time. It used to annoy me since it's earlier than I like to be awake (especially during the college years) until I thought she had forgot one year and I realized how much I look forward to it. I called her in tears but she hadn't forgotten she had just decided to be nice that one time and let me sleep in. She won't do that again! The day continued when I met up with Mom and we made the drive to Maine for lunch, shopping and visiting my great aunt. We had a really nice day. That chocolate chip cookie dough pie I was looking forward to... OMG, YUM!

See for yourself:

Trust me it was every bit as delicious as it looks!
I had one piece at the diner and brought this one home with me.

The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning out my closets and putting some clothes I have never worn on e.b.ay.

The TWW is almost over and I have resisted testing so far (not so much resisted as didn't have any tests in the house and the dollar store was all out so I would have to pay 4X as much). I hate mentioning potential symptoms because if I get a BFN the obsessing just makes me feel like a chucklehead. Ok, who am I kidding! The whole reason I have a blog is so that I can obsess over these things!
Today I'm 9dpiui and I have felt a few things that make me feel a little bit hopeful. Starting last night I've felt a little nauseous a few times and there has also been some boob twinges and little darts of pain on and off today. I also got a bit weepy this afternoon over something very lame. Could be nothing could be something.


sarahwho said...

Happy birthday! That pie does look delightful.

Wishing you lots of positive thoughts as your TWW comes to a close.


Billy said...

So happy you had such a lovely time on your birthday :-).
And I love those traditions (probably next time you should be born a little bit later in the day so as not to get the call too early :-D)

The boobs twings sounds good! Hoping hoping hoping for you!
(I am 12DPIUI, haven't tested but believe I am not..)

Fat Chick said...

Yummy yummy pie! And yay for fun time with your mom! That wsa really sweet, about the birthday call.

Just a few more days until the 2ww is over....

The Single Hussy said...

belated birthday wishes. omgosh that pie looks sooooo goooooood. . . .

fingers crossed for the rest of the 2ww for you!

meandbaby said...

That looks delish!! I would love a bite with a big glass of milk! :)

Few more days... keeping the faith...

S said...

happy belated birfday! your mom sounds really sweet! I was born at 5.44am so it would be really annoying to have "my" mom call me at that hour, but "my" mom is what we call "unique" =)

the choc cookie pie looks awesome. drooling just looking at it, since I've been controlling my chocolate urges. and maine, wow, I've always wanted to go there (and stalk stephen king and get a book signed, damnit)!