Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shamrocks to Turkey

CD14 and I got a positive OPK. IUI #2 is scheduled for 9am tomorrow. I'll be trying out a new pair of potential lucky socks since the pumpkins didn't do their job last time. If this cycle works then baby would arrive Nov/Dec I don't have Turkey socks so I might have to go with Xmas trees. Hmm, I do have some shamrock socks that might be better since there might be some luck of the Irish still hanging around from Tuesday.

Thanks for white lie suggestions. Tanya I love your non lie lie! If this is my month than I get lucky with the timing because my mother is in Florida until April and I would certainly wait until she got to tell her in person. Sorry Mom, if you were here you so would have been the first to know.

Oh, and Dora - Of course all of you will hear it first!


meandbaby said...

Best of luck Meg!! Crossing my fingers for tomorrow.

Pepper said...

Hope MIC does the trick!

Okay, that was bad. :o)

Jess said...

Meg I hope it went well are you feeling?

S said...

hope it went well and things go according to plan!!! throwing a truckload of that babydust crap at you, and hoping this works!

Fat Chick said...

My lucky Fertility Socks (need caps, definitely) were hand knit by a friend of mine with Noro, loverly loverly Noro. Try - you could commission a pair.

And how did it go?