Monday, March 30, 2009

10 dpiui

I'm not sure I'm feeling it this cycle but I think that's mostly because I don't think it will ever happen. Not in a I'm so sad way but more of it hasn't happened yet and that's all I know way. I did start testing on Friday and so far not even a hint of anything other than BFNs. I know it's too early but since I don't find the negatives to be depressing this early and I would much rather know as soon as possible I don't mind wasting a few dollar store tests.

I've had a few possible symptoms that have caught my attention. I usually let my nephew visit the pet store after we go grocery shopping so he can check out the cute little critters and see if they have any new hamster toys for our caged friend. Today I had to leave after a few minutes and get some fresh air because it smelled too pet-ish and it was making me nauseous. I also winced a bit when I took my bra off tonight because it hurt when the fabric brushed my nipples. It's most likely nothing but I wanted to note it just in case.

The baby blanket I had to restart a few weeks ago because I dropped a whole mess of stitches off the needle is coming along nicely and I'm liking it better than I thought I would when I first started. I'm still not in love with the celery green color but maybe it will grow on me.

If this cycle doesn't work I'll have to purchase some more of my MIC (man in a can) and I'm trying to figure out if I have enough cash or if I have to take a short break. I really wanted to get my six out of pocket tries out of the way as quickly as possible (insurance kicks in after 6 attempts) and after all the other delays I just really don't want to take another break. It will be tight but I'm really leaning towards cutting lots of corners in the budget and sperming up next month. If it works I'll still have a shot at delivering in 2009 and the tax break will be most welcome.


Pepper said...

I am always amazed at how much time slows down during the 2WW. Glad you had fun at the shower. And weird that no one noticed you weren't drinking!

Fat Chick said...

I'm in the 2ww too! I had my insemination on Friday, and yes, time slows to a tormented crawl during the 2ww.

Are you on progesterone? That can cause the symptoms you mentioned, but hey! So can pregnancy!

And I was really glad you mentioned the tax break - I thought I was the only one hoping for a 2008 baby! My sister totally cracked up when I mentioned how I'm feeling a little pressured to give birth by Dec 30, but man, that's a lot of tax dollars I could be saving!

Good luck, and keep us posted.

meandbaby said...

About your insurance, I was supposed to have six attempts under my belt too before they would cover the IUIs but I only had four. I was a patient with the RE for six months and without my attempts going through insurance, I guess they didn't know how many tries I actually had. Maybe that will work for you too if you decide to take a break. Hopefully this cycle will be the one and it won't matter!! :)

The Single Hussy said...

i may have to steal your "MIC" moniker, good Irish lass that i am! ;) and i'm going to go bonkers in my 2ww, if time is passing so slowly just for me to get the next cycle started!

i'm impressed your insurance is covering yours. not an option for singles with mine, so it's all out of pocket. in fact i need to call the clinic tomorrow and talk to the financial counselor again. i think she mentioned a discount for prepayment....

Choicemumtobe said...

Hi Meg

Thanks for your comment. How are things going for you?