Thursday, April 2, 2009

Just waiting for the fat lady to finish warming up and start singing

BFN today and my beta is scheduled for tomorrow morning. I was hoping that I would see some blood today so I wouldn't have to waste my time getting blood drawn but no such luck. I'm going to be extra aggravated if I get up before the sun in order to be at the lab by 7am only to then get home and have AF arrive.


Pepper said...

I hate it when AF brings the fat lady with her.

Hugs, hun.


Fat Chick said...

So sorry you got a negative!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the BFN. :(

Gina said...

I'm sorry :(


Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry you got the bfn.

namaste said...

Here from the LFCA. So sorry about the BFN. BFN's are just mean.

Hugs to you.

S said...

I'm so sorry. Inadequate I know. I know how it is to "await" AF to avoid that horrid, sinking, FUTILE exercise of going down to the lab early, chatting up the chirpy nurses, and getting that shitty phone call later confirming what you already know. Ugh. Doesn't stop you from crying any less.

I totally recommend drowning in some vices, vino, caffeine, chocolate, pizza - whatever works for you! The ugly post-BFN binge. No excuses. (sorry, unhealthy assvice may make me a crappy friend, but thats what I do to feel better.)


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