Monday, November 24, 2008

# 24

I'm impressed with myself that I've managed to keep up this posting every day thing. I have enjoyed the challenge.

I was a fairly infrequent poster before and this has certainly shown me that it is possible. In order to get something submitted each day I've had to break some of my rules. Rules about talking only about baby and baby making pursuits. Rules about taking my time to proof and edit until I was happy with the words. I think I'll continue to expand my topics to sometimes include non baby thoughts but I haven't liked not having enough time to really think about how I want to say something.

and now more about books!

Jo - very cool that you've got the same name as every one's favorite March sister.
Austen is my absolute favorite. I reread all of her books 2 years ago and I went looking for my copies over the weekend so I could visit with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy again. I've decided to bump them down on the list for Scarlett since you mentioned Gone with the Wind. I haven't read it yet but I have been meaning to. I think I'll pick up a copy this week!

Fat Chick - (it just seems wrong to call you that!) I prefer the older editions too. I don't need it to be falling apart but I'm not so much a fan of the updated fancy covers and language tweaking. When I went looking for Little Women I found the 1983 hard cover that I had as a girl. If I can't find mine I'm going to have to go back and buy that one.

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