Monday, July 1, 2013

Floating Fish, molars, giggles and food fun

I found one of the fishies  floating at the top of the tank today.  I left him there until after Mr. O had gone to bed so I wouldn't have to explain death to him.  I'm now trying to figure out how I can get another fish before he notices.   I do think that pets like fish could be great for introducing a tough topic like death but I'm going to skip it this go round.  Mr. O has a molar coming in and has been a whiny mess all week. I don't want crying about the fish to be added to the long list of things he's been screaming about lately.  Today I had the nerve to let his cup of water get wet from condensation.  How could I?! 

I am being swallowed up by laundry.  Right now my bedroom has 4 buckets of clothes that need to be put away.  I hate laundry.  I think the answer is to own less clothing. 

T the baby (not the train) was laughing his head off tonight while watching his brother dance around the kitchen.  He has the best laugh!  Anytime O shook his head T started belly laughing. 

T has been gaining weight and keeping the doctors happy so I've been able to relax a bit with when, what and how much he eats.  This means that T gets to have more fun exploring food and trying to self feed and he's loving it.  This week he went crazy for eggs.  He was practically jumping out of the high chair trying to get at the bowl.  Watermelon, yogurt and apple sauce were also hits.  He does awesome getting a pre-loaded spoon in to his mouth 90% of the time.  Sadly, his eye gets the other 10%. 

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