Sunday, June 9, 2013

4 years ago and other randoms

Mr. O has existed for 4 years.  I remember walking out to my car after the IUI with my hand on my belly and trying to will those swimmers to find that egg.  I started to tell O that today was an important day but it got complicated quickly so I changed the subject to ice cream.  Maybe his conceptioniversary is a day for me to remember on my own.  I know I would be creeped out if my parents insisted on telling me about the moment I was created. 

Life is crazy busy here and I'm working on a list of fun things that I want to do with the boys this summer.  Last year was kind of lame since I was miserable from all day morning sickness for the first half and stuck in the NICU with T for the second half.

Trying to decide what kind of double stroller to get is making me nuts.  I just can't make up my mind!  I have narrowed it down to the B.o.b or the Ci.ty  Any one have feel strongly about one or the other? 

Seeing lots of fellow SMCs trying for #2 and it's giving me a touch of baby fever.  Good luck, Ladies! 

I love watching the boys interact with each other.  T loves his big brother - especially big brother's hair!  He gets the biggest smile on his face anytime O's hair is in grabbing distance.  So far O is too quick for him to get a good grip but it's only a matter of time.  I'm sure there will be tears but for now it's fun to watch.


Tiara said...

4 years already!I remember reading about your chocolate chip cookie dough pie (happy belated birthday, BTW)Here's to a wonderful summer!

Laraf123 said...

Every time I drive down the street where the RE clinic is located, I get a little nostalgic. It's a very special place but how could anyone but me understand the depth of my feelings for a glass office building on a busy suburban street?

Thanks for posting :)