Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Timing wish granted

3 Days down and 11 more to go of this TWW

I got lucky and the timing worked out for me this cycle.  I got a positive OPK on Saturday and IUI was on Sunday.  Testing was an adventure because I was out all day and had to do the OPK in a public restroom stall. Those digital tests take FOREVER and I wasn't really enjoying hanging out in the stall until it finally finished.  The long line of folks waiting to use the restroom weren't too happy about it either.  If they only knew why I was hogging the stall!

I really, really hope that it worked this time because I'm so ready to move past the TTC part.  If this cycle ends with a BFN I'll be sitting out December.  I just can't deal with all of the scheduling logistics in addition to the usual holiday stress and rushing around.  I'll also have to order more vials from the bank and I won't be able to do that until January.


Tiara said...

Oh good luck!! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!

Shannon said...

So exciting! *fingers crossed*

hopefulcc said...

Hoping you get a huge BFP in just 10 short days!! May the time go by more quickly than you expect.