Saturday, November 5, 2011

Getting all caught up

October had lots of forward movement on the TTC front.

I had called my RE's office in July and had an initial consult to find out what hoops I needed to jump through in order to be treated again.  I had to sign updated consent forms and my doctor wanted me to re-do all of the day 3 blood work and STD stuff.  My insurance doesn't cover fertility stuff so I went to see my regular ob/gyn and had her order the tests.  She also ordered an ultrasound to check on the fibroid I have hanging out on my uterus.  I had all of that done in August and everything came back fine. I benched myself in August and September for various reasons.   October started and once all of the impending ovulation signs showed up I just felt like this was the month.  I called the bank and purchased two vials on CD 9, I got a positive OPK on CD 12 and on CD 13 I had an IUI.  Just like that. 

I'm currently on day 9 of my TWW and I'm going to test maybe tomorrow but definitely Monday.  

And now I'm all caught up. 

oh and the TWW sucks just as much as I remember.


Tiara said...

Holy Moly!! Congratulations on trying again...very exciting! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

MeAndBaby said...

2 is hard but so worth it. :) Yay for trying again! Fingers crossed!!

Navigating The Rapids said...

Good luck, an EDD buddy is always good. I might break down and go buy a test today. It's nice to be excited for someone else, so I can stop thinking about it myself.

Jen said...

Wow! Very exciting :) fingers crossed :)

Shannon said...

Wow! So excited for you!

Billy said...

Good luck!!!