Thursday, September 16, 2010

Baby stuff I just had to have but didn't really need

Baby shoes:
Aren't those tiny little baby shoes the cutest things you've ever seen? How can you not buy them for your baby? Save your money! While I was pregnant I remember looking everywhere for just the right kind of fuzzy little booties that would keep my end of winter baby's tootsies warm. Well, he never wore them. He also never wore the dozen or so other too cute to pass up little shoes that found their way to my house. His feet were either covered up by his clothes or with socks. Once summer arrived his little toes were naked and available for quick nibbles and kisses. Shoes? Other than a photo op I never even considered putting them on him. Now that we're swing back to cooler weather and his feet are a little bigger I'm still sticking with socks. Ok, I did buy these too cute to pass up biker boots that I just had to have the other day to match his new fleece biker jacket. I need help!

Baby shorts:
I thought I would be dressing Mr. O in complete outfits everyday - even if we were staying home. Ummm, nope! Some days it was just too hot to wear anything more than a diaper and a onesie. I just packed away his summer stuff and I was a little sad to see just how many things he never wore.

Swaddling gear:
The Blanket seemed to be at the top of everyone's must have list for baby so of course I had to have them too. Those fancy swaddling contraptions with the velcro wings were all washed and ready to go before baby arrived and once he was here I used them exactly zero times. Mr. O was swaddled up nice and tight for the first few weeks and the receiving blankets we rescued from the hospital worked perfectly so I never busted out the Miracles. I wish I had waited to wash them so that I could have returned them.


Genkicat said...

I hear you on this one. Although, I have some soft leather shoes I put on Rhian regularly, since she can't kick them off (along with her socks!).

I also had the swaddling blankets and used them zero times. Honestly, couldn't figure them out properly - there always seemed to be an extra slot for some piece of fabric to go through.

Tiara said...

Thank you so much for this post! As a new mom to be, I am overwhelmed but the options out there & figuring out what are necessities & what are frills.

I did read some really good advice recently & that was to hold off baby shopping until later in pregnancy as you'll end up spending less money over as hard as it is, I am resisting buying anything just yet!

Meg said...

Tiara, that is really good advice! I tried to follow it myself and I'm glad I did for the most part. I'm working on a list of baby gear that I found super helpful so maybe you'll get some ideas from that.

MeAndBaby said...

My little guys sleep in the SwaddleMe blankets every night so far. I tried one night to put them in a sleep sack with arms so their arms and legs could be "free" but that lasted about 2 hours and I went back to the Swaddle blankets. But mine are still pretty tiny.