Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time speeds by

I've been putting off updating because I've had so much to say and it's overwhelming to think about writing all of it down. I have been reading and trying to comment and I'm so excited to have found so many new SMC blogs lately!

New plan is to just jump in and start with today.... here goes!

Today Mr. O will be 7 weeks old. Holy cow! It has gone by so very fast. The minute he was born I was aware of time passing and how I would never have these moments again. He was already growing and learning and before I know it he'll be going away to college.

I had my 6 week check-up with my Dr. last week and she asked when I was having another baby. My answer was how long do I have to wait?! She said that everything looked good during the c-section so as long as it's been at least a year between deliveries I should be fine. Am I really already thinking about doing this again? Absolutely! I was miserably sick during most of my pregnancy. I was so sick that I lost 80+ lbs while pregnant (no worries I had extra cushion) and I'm still willing to do it all again.

The first 5 weeks was full of lots and lots of family - overnight guests and folks stopping by. It was nice having them here but it was tough not having 5 minutes to myself! My mom was a huge help and she took care of the household stuff so I could concentrate on taking care of the baby and myself. It was also great to have someone to pass the baby off to when I needed to shower. When she went home after 5 weeks I missed her. Mom lives close enough that she comes over for a night or two every week. Most of her help is playing taxi for my sister who doesn't drive so I don't have to drag the baby out on those days.

Owie doesn't really have much of a set schedule yet other than refusing to sleep and wanting to nurse constantly every evening from dinner time until about midnight. The boy loves to suck! Breastfeeding has been going really well and I know how lucky I am that it's been problem free (let's hope I didn't just jinx myself). The only trouble is how to feed him when we're out in public. I'm not really a big fan of whipping out a boob in a restaurant or bookstore so I haven't attempted any long trips outside of the house.

So far he seems like a pretty serious baby but he's been smiling big toothy grins for about two weeks and they melt me in to a big mooshy pile of goo every time he does it.


Me Plus One said...

Glad to hear things are going well. I so admire that you're ready to jump right in for baby #2!

Hera said...

I love to read that you're ready for #2! When I get scared about my first IUI, seeing this makes me sooo happy! I'm so glad all is going great! Please post some updated pics!