Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making room for baby

Hospital tour was the other night and it really made things click in the "OMG, this is really happening" way. I wasn't planning on the tour but I'm glad I went because it helped to get a feel for the place and I really like how their policies encourage baby staying with mom as much as possible. I was worried that they would be taking him to the nursery while I was recovering from the surgery but they said that as long as everything is ok he can stay with me.

Oh yeah.... did I mention that baby is a BOY! Even though I had been hoping for a girl in the beginning when they told me that he was a he I was thrilled. I'm still trying to decide on a name because I don't really have any that I just LOVE. It's so much easier to name pets.

I'm feeling pretty good overall even though my guts are starting to feel pretty smooshed and the heartburn is killer.


V said...

I still have a boys name, which will likely never get to used, but I can dream. I tried out names on my 8 year old niece, if she could make fun of them we vetoed them. At first I wanted unique, but I have a unique name and it's a pain in the rump, so my daughter has a nice traditional and timeless name.

Billy said...

How nice to know the sex!
Name is the one reason why I would rather a boy, lol.

Tanya said...

I REALLY wanted a girl the first time... Now I think I want a second one this time. Not only did I always want two of the same sex... but my boy is pretty wonderful.

Plus I have a boy name that I absolutely LOVE.

If it's a boy it will be Grant. A girl will be Linnea (which is a really "out there" choice for me).

Genkicat said...

Congratulations on your little Boy. I'm struggling with names too - boy or girl I have no idea. Naming a person is so overwhelming to me. I do (finally) have a girls name that I am liking - not love yet. Boys - no clue... Good luck with the naming.