Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Not the lines I was looking for

8 days down. This wait is just as frustrating as all the others. I spend lots of time straining every cell in my brain listening to my body and trying to detect even a hint of a clue. Last night I was convinced that I was pregnant. Today? Today I'm leaning towards no. A few more days until it starts all over again.

While staring in the mirror last night trying to decide if my boobs had more pronounced veins than usual I also noticed that I have more laugh lines around my eyes. I think I also might be losing the gray hair battle. I have very dark hair so the white hair SCREAMS look at me! look at me! I've been hunting them down and plucking them out but lately my arm gets tired before I can get to them all. I love the color of my hair and I'm sad that it's almost time to start coloring it and worrying about roots every few weeks. I'm going to straight out faint when I find a white hair somewhere other than on my head! I so wish I had starting this family building years ago. I want my kid to remember my real hair color and not the box color.


N said...

It's too early, your body can't tell you anything yet. Trust me on this. *hugs you lots*

I know that doesn't help, and just how insanity-inducing the TWW is. I hope it's not TOO bad this time 'round.

meandbaby said...

Ooo I know what you mean about the grays! I too have dark hair and find that it's getting harder and harder to pluck them. AND I get my hair colored on a regular basis and those suckers still come back pretty quick!

Hang in there during this 2ww!! Fingers crossed!

satto said...

It is amazing how in a matter of hours we can go from sure we are pregnant to sure we're not. I sure hope you are.

Fat Chick said...

I so understand the boob thing. Every two week wait, as soon as I hit the half-way mark, I become obsessed with the veins in my boobs. I call it waiting-induced insanity.

I so hope this was the one for you!!!

Jo said...

Meg, thanks for your words of wisdom on my blog!

I have started to give up on the grays, too. I actually like the salt and pepper look, though. Maybe I'm crazy.

Just a couple more days I guess and you will know. Hang in there!