Friday, June 12, 2009

I recognized your socks

My IUIs are usually on weekends so it's not too often that I see anyone else in the waiting room. When I arrived on Tuesday there was another woman waiting and I knew right away that she was one of us. I recognized her by her socks. Funky purple stripes could only be one thing... Lucky Socks. She was called back first and got the room I've had for my other tries. I was happy about the change in scenery and hope that it turns out to be lucky. The nurse told me that Lucky Socks was also on IUI #4 and she hoped that 4 turned out to be the magic number. I had always thought it was 3 but I guess the song was wrong.

The nurse didn't give me the numbers but she said that my swimmers were only fair this time but I'm not going to worry about it because I only need one to find it's way. They were also only fair the cycle that I had the chemical.


Billy said...

Good luck!

Fat Chick said...

YAY for the IUI! And yes, it only takes one. I'm hoping for you, Meg!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope lucky #4 is it for you!!! Fingers and toes crossed!

Tracey said...


Sometimes knowing the counts is worse..

Jo said...

very intriguing...who was the sock lady? (wasn't me!).

Go swimmers, go!