Monday, June 22, 2009

100th post

I've been aware of the post count ticking up towards 100 for a few weeks and was trying to come up with something 100 worthy to post about. Last week I thought it would be great if 100 was all about announcing a pregnancy but that isn't what I want to say now. This first 100 has been about my journey to discover my true path and finding a community of friends along the way.

I started blogging about my SMC journey 3 years ago in June of 2006. I had just turned 35 and really thought that my journey to a baby would be a short one. When I wrote those first words "Journey Begins" I was trying to come to terms with not having the dream. I was struggling with the idea that my life hadn't followed the expected traditional path of meeting a great guy, falling in love, getting married and having lots of cute babies. I didn't update all the often in the beginning because even though I was taking baby steps towards becoming a SMC I was still holding out hope that Plan B wouldn't be my path to motherhood.
2007 was about leaving things to chance and secretly hoping that those times that I was less than careful would make the decision for me. It was also about coming to terms with my fertility and beginning to accept that being a SMC wasn't settling but that instead trying to turn a casual relationship in to something more would have been settling for something less than I deserved. 2008 is when I finally started to feel truly comfortable with my decision and the fact that it is simply how I was meant to create my family. It was also the year that I started making connections with other folks out in Blogland and I'm so grateful to all of my bloggy friends! All of you are such an unexpected gift.

I can't wait to see where I've landed after the next 100 posts!


Anonymous said...

An unexpected gift - what a great way to put it. I feel the same way. Happy 100th!

Billy said...

Happy 100th!

Genkicat said...

Happy 100th!

Fat Chick said...

Happy 100th post!

I agree: You are such a great and unexpected gift. And wow, I'm really looking forward to post #200!