Thursday, May 28, 2009


Guess who showed up early? This morning kicked off with some brown spotting that had me thinking it was a good thing. Nope, not so much because by lunchtime it was red. Looks like it's CD1 of #37.


Anonymous said...

Crap, crap, crap. Sorry Meg. That bites.

Genkicat said...

I'm sorry it didn't work. It just sucks.

Billy said...

I am so sorry.
That really sucks.

Jess said...

Ugh, that sucks ass. Alcohol sometimes helps...? Take care of yourself. xoxo

S said...

crap, Meg. that sucks. :(

36 cycles - is that 36 cycles of ttc?...mate, thats too fucking much. =(

I recommend chocolate, coffee and tequila... for the short term.

for the long term, I've only read your blog for a short time and I know you've done 3 (kick me if I'm wrong) IUIs... do you think its time to give IVF a go or is it too early to make that decision or not an option?

Not being nosy just wondering if that may help?? I've never had any IUIs but I've always dreamed of getting pregnant with them (for starters, they're only like $600 compared to a stim cycle of $6000 or an FET of $2000) ... just wondering is all.

I'm sorry again. Take care of yourself and indulge guilt free as much as you can (I know I always do!)

sending you some hugs. xx

Fat Chick said...

Hey Meg, how goes the cycle? Been thinking about you!

Jo said...

Sorry, hon!! Ug!