Friday, February 13, 2009

No smiley face today

Day 15 and still nothing. I spoke to the nurse at the clinic and she said I had the option of blood tests and ultrasounds for an additional 600 bucks. I decided to keep peeing on my $60 worth of OPKs for a few more days. I just couldn't justify spending the money to switch to a monitored cycle so late in game when there is no guarantee that I will actually ovulate this month (if I haven't already). Doesn't it just figure that after all this time and all those delays I get a bum cycle.


Pepper said...

Oh, that just stinks! So sorry to hear that. Waiting for the surge can be so frustrating.

BTW, $600 sounds like an awful lot for a scan. I totally agree with skipping it. Though I wonder if your insurance company would pay for the blood test? I once got my GP to order all the tests I needed for fertility treatment.

Billy said...

I hope your ovulation is just a bit late this month.

meandbaby said...

Holy cow - $600? Can they do just the bloodwork and not the ultrasound? Waiting sucks. I hope you see that smiley soon.

Joni said...

I've had trouble with the little smiley faces too. First time was when I ovulated late - had a 40 day cycle! The second time, I did not detect ovulation with the smiley face brand. And the third time was the one right after the second. I was using the smiley face OPK and blood tests to confirm ovulation and I didn't get a smiley face until after the blood test detected the surge!

So, afterwards I used a line comparasin OPK and then confirmed it with the smiley face. I don't trust the smiley face guys by themselves anymore.

I don't know why you need an ultrasound to detect your surge. My RE had me come in for a blood test only (LH and estradiol) - I'd ask them about it. And they can also do a progesterone test to see if you have already missed it - no point in peeing on $60 sticks if you've already ovulated.

Good luck!!

Jess said...

What do they say...a watched pot never boils? Thinking of you and hoping the frustration goes away soon. xxoo