Friday, February 6, 2009

My debit card is sizzling

Did anyone else get all excited tracking their sperm while it was being shipped? Mic arrived safe and sound at the clinic on Wednesday. I clapped to myself when I saw the delivery confirmation online. I've already paid the clinic for the IUI so now I'm just waiting to ovulate. I'm guessing that Friday the 13th will be IUI day. If this works baby will be arriving around Halloween so I'm going to look at F13 as a lucky day since it's kind of spooky - just like Halloween.

Has anyone asked to keep the empty vial after an IUI? I heard about on the Donor Sibling Registry message board. It looks like they can use the vials to test for genetic markers and see if they have any matches in their database. I want to ask to keep the vial just in case I want to do that in the future. I betting that the clinic won't want me to have it.

Thanks for the distraction suggestions. I had no idea you could play solitaire online. I play a few hands on my iPod every night before I fall asleep. Now I can play without running down the iPod battery.

Someone on the SMC yahoo group posted this link to a NY Times article about SMC families that was pretty interesting. It was great to read about fellow SMCs helping each other out and vacationing together.


Billy said...

IUI on Friday the 13th and due date on Halloween... yes, that is spooky, hope though it also means plenty of good luck!

Jess said...

They offered me the empty vials with all my IUIs, but no with my IVF (the cycle that finally worked!). I would guess they will give it to you, especially if you ask. Good luck!