Saturday, January 31, 2009

Looking for more distractions

I'm looking for some new places to hang out online. I'm stocking up on places to obsess over this month so I don't focus on too much on every twinge and yawn.

In addition to the blogs that I stalk I also check out these hot spots:
SMC, ChoiceMom and DSR yahoo groups
and of course cake wrecks

Where do you hang out online when there are no baby heads to sniff?


Tanya said... "single parents by choice" board. We have thinkers, tryers, and moms so you're more than welcome to join us at any point. - great time waster

and of course facebook.

meandbaby said...

Besides the links on my sidebar under "Wishful Resources", I have recently become a Facebook junkie. It's a good distraction. is great for bargains and freebies too.

Fat Chick said...


I Can Has Cheezburger

I recently posted a thread on a Ravelry message board for timewasters, and I have copied the goody responses below, although not all of them count me as an *obsessed* fan. For some, I'm just a fan:

My favorites from the list:

Fat Chick said...

Oh, and when I'm really hating my job, I go to:

Anonymous Law Firm

Google it. You won't regret it. My favorite is the Iraq Office.

singletracey said...

In my TWW's I always spent an obscene about of time online killing time.. Solitaire is a great time waster!

I added you to my bloglist.. I hope you dont mind!