Friday, January 30, 2009

On the road again

CD1 has arrived!
It was this time last year that my fibroid detour started but now the wait is finally over!

I was making calls like a crazy lady today.
Clinic finance office to arrange payment for the cycle, Nurse Sperminator to get final instructions and the sperm bank to order Mic.

I was all set to go with donor #2 and when I called they thought they only had 2 vials. They were supposed to call me back but haven't yet. Now I'm rethinking my choice in canned men because I would want to use the same donor for baby #2. That is of course assuming that I manage to get baby #1. They do have more unwashed vials but my clinic won't do the washing necessary for an IUI. I'm still leaning towards using him anyway and keeping my fingers crossed that more vials will turn up in the future.


Anonymous said...

Glad the wait is over!! Best of luck! And you still have a little time to think about your donor choice. When I was picking donor #2, I took a day or two off from trying to decide and then went back to my choices with a clear head. Not sure if you have that kind of time (maybe your clinic needs more notice than mine did) but that helped me.

Pepper said...

I still chuckle at the MIC acronym. :-)

I've heard of situations where retired donors have been asked to donate again because the families want siblings. Just FYI.

Hope this is the cycle that does the trick!