Friday, November 7, 2008

Now I know where babies come from

Jo, thank you for that link! I contacted them today and now I'm just waiting to hear back. The location isn't too far from me so I think it could work. I spent some time poking around their website and I got to say some of the extreme birth photos caught me by surprise! How amazing.

It also made me a bit sad because I won't get to choose that kind of birth experience for myself. The surgery I had over the summer guarantees that a c-section is the only option I will have. So, no extreme close-ups of baby's very first head shot will be coming from me.

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Jo said...

yah, right? I saw those videos too! I couldn't tear my eyes away....

how cool! maybe we'll run into each other there :) I must say it looks like a nurturing environment but like you I haven't met them yet. Keep me posted!