Saturday, November 8, 2008

Everything must go

I was up way too early this morning to meet my mother for some hard core shopping. There was a local gift store closing up shop and everything has to go this weekend. There are only a handful of things that will get me out of bed before the lunch side of brunch on a Saturday morning and finding a good bargain is one of them. I got a few gifts for folks but nothing for anyone in particular just stuff that would make a good gift. I will add them to the pile of things that would make a good gifts I have stashed in the basement and various closets.

When it comes to power shopping my mom is a good companion. She always manages to find a seat somewhere in the store and chats up the sales people and other shoppers. This works well for me because I can do a quick sweep to get the layout and drop off any items for safe keeping with mom. I overheard her oohing and ahhing over some little dolls that someone else was purchasing while telling them that she hopes to get a granddaughter to buy things like that for someday. I hope she does too.

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