Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is proper spelling too much to ask

...and should it matter

I've been looking at donor profiles this week and I just can't bring myself to consider someone who comes across as a chucklehead. I don't like the ones who answer the why are you donating question with the brutally honest because I want some extra cash. I'm reading them and trying to consider how my child might react to the information. Every kid is different and I have no way of knowing how interested my child will be in their donor. I prefer that their story include a kind person who wanted to help people create families and not someone who was looking for beer money without any consideration or thought to potential offspring. I want them to realize what their donations really mean. I'm also finding it difficult to consider anyone who can't spell.


Jess said...

I hear you. I SO remember this process. You will find a donor that is right for you! Good luck!

Dora said...

Before my known donor agreed to help me, I looked at a lot of sperm donor profiles. I only looked at open identity donors. I think you might get more of the kind of answers you are looking for with them. I also think the open id factor is an extra incentive for them to be honest in their answers.

Yes, spelling counts.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I thought maybe I was the only one who even thought about spelling! That is one of my pet peeves and I find myself editing personal emails sent to me BEFORE I even reply (yeah, its a baaaad habit!). LOL! I have only looked at open donors and they too sometimes say something indicating it was for the money. But there are several I came across who knew a donor conceived person, were adopted with similar "wanting to know" issues or had a sibling who was adopted and/or didn't know their father. Its rather refreshing to find someone who puts down a reason with some actual life substance!