Friday, November 14, 2008

Did you use soap?

Potential midwife did call me first but since I had the ringer off I didn't know until I checked my messages later in the day. I'm going to call her first thing Monday. I like starting things off on Mondays.

I took a few days off from the donor search because I just wasn't finding the one. I really wish I had a known donor option. I'm a bit of a germ-a-phobe and the idea of the whole fluid thing seriously icks me out. If I knew the person it might not be so icky because, I don't know maybe because I could make sure that they washed their hands or something first. I don't know! I never really seriously considered asking someone because it seemed like too much to ask of a friend. I also thought that it could get too complicated. If someone were to offer I might reconsider the complications but it's not a topic that just comes up out of the blue.

Now that my body has hopefully scared off the last of the evil lupr.on my girly parts seem to be gearing up for a return to predictable cycles. I'm back to charting and hope that this month isn't as wonky as the last two. I'm going to start using OPK's to see if they agree with my temps. Anyone have a favorite cheap OPK source? I'm starting to think that November might not work out for a try since I'm still trying to work out some of the details of the how. I started 2008 hoping to end the year with a baby or at least pregnant. If I'm very very lucky in December I just might make it.


Billy said...

Oh bummer! But good that you are set to call her on Monday.

And yes, you might end 2008 without getting to be pregnant (although I do wish you plenty of success in December!!), but you did have a rough year with your operation and all. It's not like you just sat and did nothing and time passed.

Dora said...

I like the Rite Aid OPKs. They're cheapest on They're on sale for about $10. (The website says it's 5 OPKs, but it's really 7.)

I'm sure sperm banks have protocols for washing bits and hands. Clinics give those instructions to partners. Also, the midwife will wash the sperm for an IUI, or you can purchase it washed for IUI. Sperm must be separated from seminal fluid for an IUI. Unwashed sperm can only be used for a vaginal insem.

Re known donors, no, it's not something that comes up out of the blue. It was very hard for me to find the courage to ask my friend. I'm so glad I did!

Good luck!