Friday, March 8, 2013


My sweet little O is now 3!  (YIKES)
 I remember the day he was born and thinking how unreal it was that someday he would be 3 and how far off that seemed.  Now I just can't believe how quickly it got here.  These past 3 years have been so full of joy and love.  I've enjoyed every minute with my boy and I'm just so grateful that I get to be his Mom.

He loves to "chug" (play with his trains) and will happily do so for many hours a day.  His trains have great adventures and nothing makes him happier than having me or his grandmother chug with him.  I always feel so guilty if we get to the end of the day and I hadn't found a few minutes to chug.  

He has developed quite an independent streak and it makes me a little nuts.  His need to do something or get something himself can strike at anytime and O.M.G. the whining if you have dared to get him a spoon or pour some milk in his cup.  The only way to make it stop is to let him put the spoon back in the drawer/milk in the fridge/jacket back on the hook so that he can re-do the task himself.  Did I mention that it makes me nuts?

He's still very snuggly and loves to give out hugs and kisses.  Every morning I'm greeted with the biggest smile and the best kisses.  He then has to check on his baby brother and give him a kiss too.  It's adorable.

Bed time is my favorite time of day (and not just because I might get some time to myself).  We read a few stories and then we cuddle up close.  We talk about trains, upcoming plans, trains and recap our day.  Then I have to sing him his favorite song  over and over until he falls asleep.  The song changes every few weeks and he just replaced "So long, Farewell" from the So.und of  to the Bea.tles  "I W.ill". 

His favorite foods are black beans and black olives - but they can't touch. EVER.


Tiara said...

Three? Already?!!? Wow! It does go by fast!

Billy said...

Happy Birthday O!!

Shannon said...

I seems like just yesterday you were blogging about being pregnant with O - just impossible to believe he's 3. Happy Birthday!

Claire said...

Hi Meg,
Just found your blog, and have read back a little bit. Congrats on your two boys! I laughed at your saying that 2 is 14 times the work. Yes, yes it is! Yours are similar in age difference to my girls (but a year younger) - its a wild ride :)