Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Results from beta #2

13 dpo = 30
15 dpo = 79
doubling time of 34.36 hours

I'm thrilled that it did slightly better than double but I'm still not convinced that this one is going to stick around.

The nurse I spoke to today was in no mood to entertain thoughts of a viability scan.  She kept telling me that I wouldn't be able to see anything because it was too early.  I told her I wasn't asking for one now but for her to schedule one for 2ish weeks from now.  She didn't even care that the doctor had already signed off on it.  She told me that I could ask the doctor myself when I see her at my first appt on the 27th.   I don't think I like her.

I'm not really feeling any different other than some cramping and things smelling weird.


MeAndBaby said...

I've been stalking you today waiting for results! Looks like things are moving right along! :) Think happy thoughts, Mama. Sorry about the nurse. I don't think I like her either.

Tiara said...

It's all in the doubling & your numbers are really good! Hang in there...keeping positive thoughts for you!

Hope said...

Just leaving a comment to let you know that I'm reading and waiting with you.

Jen said...

Sounds like things are definitely moving in the right direction! Fingers crossed

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Heather said...

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