Saturday, October 8, 2011

Toes at the edge of the cliff

..... and I'm about to take the leap into trying for another baby.

I had a phone consult with the RE 2 months ago and finished all of the blood work that she wanted.  I put off trying two months ago because I didn't want to deal with the stress of trying to get my labs in order in less than a week.  I then skipped last month because I was most likely going to be out of state during ovulation.  I still have to pay for the cycle and order the swimmers but next month will be the one.  Yikes!  Yes, there has also been some procrastinating.  How different from last time around when I would have done anything to make time speed up so I could get moving.

Quite a few newish SMC moms in blog world are currently debating adding to their families or in the process of making it happen.  I've really appreciated that they have been blogging through their thoughts because it's really helped me feel less alone (and crazy!) for considering the same.  I've been meaning to return the favor/pay it forward and talk about my own thought process around trying for another child but have been finding it difficult to sit with my thoughts long enough to compose something worth reading. I expect to have lots more to say but for now I wanted to put this out there as a jumping off point for more in depth navel gazing.

Unrelated but Good Grief am I annoyed that I'm unable to comment on a bunch of blogs! 


Shannon said...

So exciting! I'm looking forward to following along!

Oh, I'm not having trouble commenting, but I've heard (read) a few others saying they were. Annoying!

Tiara said...

Very excited for you to be trying for a 2nd!! Best of luck!

I've had a little trouble commenting on some blogs & no problem on others...I thought it was because I've been using my iTouch but there must be a glitch!

hopefulcc said...

So excited for you! My little girl is only 3 months old, but I'm already thinking, can I do this again?...

Good Luck!

Billy said...

Wonderful news!!
Good luck :-).

And yes, very annoying this not being able to comment thing. I wirte a comment, post it, and.... nothing.

Navigating The Rapids said...

Good luck today!!!