Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Day

Two years ago today Mr. O was created and our journey together began. I had such hope and a tingly feeling when I hopped off the table after the IUI. Today that little bundle of cells is just as busy as he was then. He took his first steps 2 weeks ago and in the last few days he's been working really hard to master walking across the room. He still needs to hold on to something in order to get to his feet but I'm sure it won't be long before he can do it without assistance. O has been talking up a storm and I was amazed the other day when I started listing the words he can say and understand. I counted up to 40 words! Mama, Star, Duck, Mickey Mouse and Flower are his favorites and he points them out whenever and where ever he sees them. He knows some of his body parts and will point to them when asked - nose, eye, ear, mouth, tongue, teeth, BELLY, knee, fingers and toes. Toes are the cutest because when you ask him where they are he wiggles them for a bit before grabbing them. Another cute for now but I'm sure it will get old fast trick of Mr. O's is a new found love of the word NO and temper tantrums. If you take something away it's No, No, No! I tried to take away a spoon that he was using to steal ice cream from my bowl and he started flailing about while shrieking NO NO NO! Peek-a-Boo is still his #1 game but playing catch with a ball is a close second.


hopefulcc said...

I can't believe O is so big - taking steps, talking.... I feel like it was just a few months ago that he was born!

Well done, Mama!

Billy said...

Yay for his first steps!!
And 40 words! wow!