Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sometimes you have to go home

It's been busy around here the last few weeks! I moved back home to my Mom's so that I can save some money and it will also give me more time to find a job that gives me the flexibility I'm looking for so that I can spend most of Mr. O's awake time with him. There is very little that I hate more than moving and good golly moving with a baby is HARD! I hated having to keep him out of the way in his swing, play yard or someone else's arms just so I could get everything done. We both missed our routine and playtime. We're still in the middle of settling in and most of my stuff is sitting in a storage unit parked in the driveway until I can figure out where to put everything.

Mr. O is doing great! I still find it hard to believe that I grew this tiny human. He's really liking food but his true love is drinking out of a cup. The boy goes crazy for cups! We're taking it slow but having a great time trying out new foods. This week spinach got two thumbs up but oatmeal cereal was not a big hit. I'm working on a post with more details on how baby led weaning is working out for us. The boy is working hard on getting around and is pretty quick with the belly crawl. I think he'll be full on crawling any day now.


Tiara said...

I can't even imagine moving with a baby! All that packing, etc...

Glad to hear O is doing so well!

Jess said...

Good luck with the transition...I've been there!! Enjoy any help your mom can give you while you are there! Best of luck on the next steps. So glad to hear Mr. O is doing so well! And you too, of course!