Sunday, July 12, 2009

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today was a lovely day. No rain! The rain finally took a break!
Woke up early and took the nephew and my sister to this giant outdoor flea market. I was about a mile from snack shack when I realized that I had to eat something NOW. RIGHT. NOW! Once I got there nothing smelled too appealing so I settled for a barely heated pizza tile. Where was the fried dough? Someone would make a killing if they set up a fried dough booth. I wandered and looked but nothing called out to me begging to be brought home. Nobody had better junk than the junk I have spilling out my closets at home. It was nice to be out in the sunshine and walking around.

Still having those lightbulb moments when I remember that I'm pregnant. It's not an every single second reality just yet. I've had a few close calls with nausea but not overwhelming. I hope it stays this mild and I'm glad that I'm starting to feel sick. How goofy is that? Ultrasound on Tuesday and I'm so freaking nervous!


Shannon said...

I've totally been ultrasound stalking your blog! I can't wait to hear the u/s news on Tuesday. And we are u/s twins - I have my first ovary monitoring u/s on Tues.

Heather said...

Mine's tomorrow...terrified doesn't even begin to describe it... :)

From Here To Maternity said...

I had that I must eat now moment once on the way home from work. My sandwich dropped on the floor of the car but I was so hungry I ate it anyway. Yep that kind of hungry. Gald you're feeling well and good luck with your u/s. Very exciting!