Friday, July 24, 2009

8w 3d the week of the nap

I've been meaning to update here but the call of the nap has been so strong lately.

I was complaining before that I wasn't feeling any different. Yeah, not so much anymore. I start to feel nauseous after lunch and can barely eat dinner because I'm afraid of seeing it again. I start feeling less crappy around 9 and I'm conked out and snoozing by 11:30. Today was a great day. I napped from lunch time until dinner time. I know that it could be much much worse so I'm not complaining.

I had my first pregnant lady dr appt the other day and holy saltine crackers was it a giant waste of time! I had to fill out the medical history forms and meet with the nurse. She gave me some pamphlets and told me that I should stay hydrated and avoid alcohol and smoking. That took over an hour. My first appt with the actual doctor is in a few weeks. I hope that one is a little more interesting.

I mentioned to my mom and sister that I plan on using cloth diapers and now they are making me a little nuts. Mom is all about wanting to make some and also trying to convince me that disposable will be so much easier. Sister is all about researching online so she can tell me that there really is no difference. Anyone know of any good cloth diapering resources so I can be the expert on my choice?


Fat Chick said...

Oh this is so very, very exciting! You are blogging about cloth diapers! !!!WOOT!!!

I don't know about the best sites for cloth diapers, but a friend of mine gets all hers at or (not sure which, I think it's the one with the s). Also, I've been trolling thrift stores for diapers and wraps, and have a ton, so I've heard in a case like mine, it is actually best to make the inserts yourself. (So they'll fit the different brands.) So excited for you! :)

Jo said...

hey! psst! wake up over there! :)

cloth diapers, huh? I also think it's a great idea but wonder if I could handle the laundry aspect of it. I guess a service is the way to go...but pricey?

Meg said...

Jo - Thanks for the wake up call!

I'm hoping that the cost savings of cloth will balance out the extra laundry.