Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Just give me the dye already

I had my follow up appt 2 weeks ago and the healing continues to go well. My ute is back to normal size (but not my gut!). I'm still waiting for the office to schedule the HSG and the delay is really annoying me. I called the office scheduler last week to see if the test had been booked yet and I got lots of attitude because she has lots of things to schedule and she's doing her best blah blah blah. I stayed nice and sweet even though at the moment this lady is standing in the way of baby making but it hasn't paid off because I still haven't been scheduled. I'll give her a call again tomorrow and see if she's managed to do her job. I only have 3 weeks of the 3 months after surgery to go and I want to get going on the getting knocked up. I'm still waiting for the longest cycle ever to end. I bet AF gets here just as I leave for my European vacation at the end of the month. That would be just perfect. Not.

I want this test over with so I know for sure what my next steps will be.
Blocked - insurance kicks in and it's straight to IVF.
Clear - I have six months of paying out of my pocket until insurance kicks in. I'm pissed that my prior 18 months of trying doesn't count with this RE. Big deal that the problem might have been the fibroid - it still took 4 different doctors over the past year to decide to try removing it.

I've also been thinking about how open I want to be with what I'm doing. My sisters and a cousin know so far but should I talk about it with other people that I'm close to? Do I want to tell my mother? Good topic to tackle next.


Jess said...

I was terrified to tell my mother my plans, but after I did she became the biggest supporter of all. I couldn't have done this witout her. Sounds like your mom was wonderful during your surgery and after, so she will likely be supportive here too. After all, you're trying to give her a grandchild!! How can she not like that??? :)

I hope the scheduler hops to it and gets you on the books asap. The waiting is horrible.

Glad to hear your uterus is normal size again...hopefully not for much longer (they tend to expand with little ones growing in there ;)

Billy said...

How annoying!
I hope you mangae to schedule an appointment soon.

On telling - I guess it depands on your family and your relations with them. Are you close? Do you feel like you're hiding it from them? Will they offer support (physically, but especially mently). Maybe you can discuss it with your sister?

Aunt Becky said...

I hope that you're able to get through to the obnoxious scheduler. I *hate* it when people act like that!

Pepper said...

Hope the HSG gets scheduled soon so you can know what steps are ahead. All of this waiting would be driving me nuts.

Oh, and be sure to take some ibuprofen before the HSG. I took about 400mg, but I wished I had taken about 800mg not so much for pain as for the really uncomfortable feeling the dye gave me. Plus, I did cramp some afterward so I took some more ibu.

Have I mentioned that I *love* your new design? Beautiful!

Jo said...

I think approaching it from the angle of "your grandchild!" is a really good way to least, that's my plan of attack with my dad...if I get there...soon...eesh.

I hate that we have to maneuver the baroque insurance industry throughout all of's difficult enough...I think it's bizarre that 6 months isn't 6 months, no matter what doctor? Sounds wrong to me.

Thinking good thoughts about your test...seems like you are ready (at least intellectually) for whatever the results might be. We will be here, too, either way.