Sunday, November 5, 2006

Two Steps Forward

I've been giving this serious thought for 6 months now and my preference is still to get pregnant with adoption as plan b. Even after my last outburst about how selfish it would be I'm still leaning towards getting pregnant. I'm secretly hoping that it won't have to involve a donor but I haven't gotten lucky with the timing on that front yet.

I have taken some action to get the process started - I called my insurance company a few weeks ago and asked them to send me information on infertility coverage. Looks like I'm out of luck since donor insemination will not be covered. I have to be unsuccesful for 12 months before coverage kicks in. I also finally chose a primary care doctor and an ob/gyn. I have appts later this month and will be asking for a pre conception fertility work up. I do have some concerns because my cycles have been all messed up for months. My temps are all over the place and I'm completely irregular.

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