Thursday, July 6, 2006

Spoken Out Loud

I told my youngest sister that I plan to have a child on my own. Her reaction... "Awesome, can I have your kid if something happens to you!" Nice. I told her first because she's the brutally honest one and I expected a wrinkled nose and an ew, gross from her but she was excited for me. I've helped her raise her 9 year old son and it was wonderful to hear that she's appreciated my efforts and believes that I will be a great mom. I plan on telling my other sister and a cousin of my plan but not anyone else until it's done.

I've just finished charting my temp for one full cycle and I'm on to the second one. I'll need at least 3 months of keeping track to start the process. I'm a bit alarmed because my cycle was only 24 days. I've had very regular 28 day cycles all my life until the last few months. I hope that it's not anything to be concerned about and that I haven't already waited too long. I've been looking for discussion groups online and was surprised that there weren't more than a handful. I'm also searching around for journals, blogs and articles by and about donor conceived children. I love having two parents and learning all I can about family history, where we came from, how my grandparents met, how my great grandparents got to this country, etc. Will my child feel cheated out being able to do the same? I've been thinking of using a donor as a partial adoption but is it really comparable?

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